The Mirabellum

an interpretation center about the VIIIth Legion Auguste


The Mirabellum, what is it ?

The Mirabellum is a interpretation center about the VIIIth Legion Auguste. This Legion installed its camp in Mirebeau-sur-Bèze during the first century. 

The camp of the VIIIth Legion, revealed by aerial archeology and then excavations, is highlighted in the Mirabellum. This interpretation center is equipped with mediation tools that allow everyone to discover the Roman camp, the life of legionaries and the work of archaeologists.

The camp of the VIIIth Legion Auguste 

The remains witness to the campaign led by the Flavians to suppress the uprising of the Lingons in 70 AD. This Gallic people had refused to submit to the authority of Rome upon the death of Nero. The Mirabellum deals with the study of the camp of the VIIIth Legion and the lives of the legionaries who lived there.

What can youd o at the Mirabellum ?

Two types of visits are possible:

            - By your own : discover through the timeline, the interactive orientation table, objects highlighted in the display case and information boards, many explanations on the camp of the VIII Legion Augustus, the living conditions, which were the legionaries and the Gallic. You can also have more fun with the game booklets made for the visit.

           - With a mediator : a cultural mediator will make your visit a real step back in time. Come and participate in the workshops offered at the Mirabellum such as pottery or calligraphy.

Each month the interpretation center changes temporary exhibition and object of the month!

You can also come and celebrate your birthday at the Mirabellum!

For more information: the Mirabellum waiting for you !

Prepare your visit

Access to the Mirabellum is free for all.

The interpretation center is open at the same times as the tourist office.

To plan your family or group visit, please check the Mirabellum website by clicking here.

Child in the Mirabellum