Welcome in Mirebellois !

Whether you are a family, a group of friends, a group of colleague or a couple, Mirebellois Fontenois is for you!

Mirebellois Fontenois is a federation of municipalities made up of 32 municipalities : Arceau; Beaumont-sur-Vingeanne; Beire-le-Châtel; Belleneuve; Beze; Bézouotte; Blagny-sur-Vingeanne; Bourberain; Champagne-sur-Vingeanne; Charms; Chaume-et-Courchamp; Cheuge; Cuiserey; Dampierre-et-Flée; Fontaine-Française; Fontenelle; Jancigny; Licey-sur-Vingeanne; Magny-Saint-Médard; Mirebeau-sur-Bèze; Montigny-Mornay-Villeneuve-sur-Vingeanne; Noiron-sur-Bèze; Oisilly; Orain; Pouilly-sur-Vingeanne; Revive; Saint-Maurice-sur-Vingeanne; Saint-Seine-sur-Vingeanne; Savolles; Tanay; Trocheres; Viévigne.

If you like Slow Tourism, Discovery Tourism, heritage, family activities and sport, you will find the ideal holidays in Mirebellois and Fontenois. In addition, this territory highlights its craftsmen and local producers through many actions.You, tourists or professionals, Mirebellois Fontenois will surprise you. 

The tourist Office and the Mirabellum are waiting for you !

Come at the Tourist Office and enjoy its exhibition of the month and its shop

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Comme to the Mirabellum and discover its exhibitions of the month !

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