Picknick in der Vélorail de la Vingeanne

Am 11/09/2022 um 11:00

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Vélorail de la Vingeanne - Champagne-sur-Vingeanne Dauer : From 10am to 4pm Free, food tastings 5-10€

Visuel fantastic picnic 2015


Bourgogne Tourisme is happy to present its annual "Fantastic Picnic en Bourgogne" ("a wonderful picnic in Burgundy"), and this year Mirebeau-sur-Bèze's tourist office has decided to join in on  the fun !

Come and gather with us at the fun venue of Vélorail de la Vingeanne in Champagne-sur-Vingeanne for a great day with your family and friends...

What's on the menu for the "cyclic picnic" ? Well, set the plates because you will have the opportunity to taste various Burgundy delights such as "gougères", strong cheeses, a sip of Kir (made from blackcurrant alcohol and white wine)...

As you enjoy the food, join us for other fun activities such as a ride on the Vélorail (a fun machine riding the former railroad) or on the "rosalie" (4-wheeled bike), and other bike-related surprises...

There is no entrance fee : you can bring your own picnic and/or buy local food from our producers !

Stay tuned for more details on what's to come and save the date !

Vélorail de la Vingeanne Champagne-sur-Vingeanne